Since 1943, Polytex Environmental Inks, Inc. has operated as a leading worldwide supplier of environmentally safe water-based inks/coatings. We have manufacturing locations in the United States and the Netherlands which allow us to provide sales, technical assistance throughout the US, Europe, and Asia. Warehouse location enables our reach into China and Japan.

We formulate inks/coatings for use with virtually all printing/coating methods, including gravure, flexography, surface print, flat-screen, rotary-screen, wash coating, nip roll, slot, air knife. Each of these methods requires custom-engineered formulations to provide the full range of performance benefits. Ink/Coating customization is our core competency

Polytex offers a portfolio of environmentally friendly inks specially designed for use in packaging applications.

Packaging Printing Ink Products

Our waterborne Packaging Printing Inks are Gravure and Flexo printable and are flexible with other coating application methods. They feature excellent adhesion on BOPP film, PET, paper, and numerous other substrates.

Notable performance features for this product include:

  • Fast drying
  • Outstanding printability
  • Superior pH stability
  • Good water/moisture resistance
  • Low VOC

Packaging Product Capabilities & Applications

Our versatile range of Packaging Inks/Coating  are well-suited for printing on corrugated cardboard, tags and labels, book covers, and more.

  • Gloss coating
  • Block out coating
  • Oil-resistant barrier coating
  • Anti-static black
  • Ultra-dull coating
  • Pearl, silver, gold, glitter coatings
  • Glow-in-the-Dark
  • Customized colors

About Polytex Environmental Inks, Inc.

Rising concern about environmental issues worldwide has driven an increased need for replacing solvent-based solutions to reduce the use and release of products containing hazardous substances and volatile organic compounds. Water-based inks have proven to be a sustainable and high-performance alternative to solvent-based inks. Polytex products offer print fidelity, color uniformity, and consistency during production for an expansive range of printing processes.

Our staff at Polytex Environmental Inks, Inc. welcomes the opportunity to work with you to explore the advantages of aqueous inks and coatings for your application. Please contact us to discuss your needs.