Polytex Environmental Inks is an industry leader in customized water base ink solutions. With experience spanning over 60 years, Polytex Environmental can formulate an ink/coating solution tailored to meet your specific requirements. Polytex Environmental Inks’ water base ink and coating systems are cost effective, environmentally friendly, and versatile in application. We employ a range of print processes that fit the customers’ needs in nearly any industry. 

Types of Custom Solutions

Polytex Environmental Inks provides high-quality, responsive coating products and tailor-made solutions with your needs in mind. We leverage modern tools, extensive scientific research, and innovation to deliver energy curable solutions, which use an environmentally friendly energy source to convert a liquid coating to a solid coating. Some of our custom solutions include:

  • UV Solutions: Ultraviolet (UV) solutions are formulated to cure immediately upon exposure to UV light. This helps shorten the drying times for printed materials and other coated industrial equipment. The custom UV solutions offered by Polytex Environmental provide higher energy efficiency and eco-friendly benefits by preventing harmful compounds from evaporating into the air.
  • EB Solutions: Electron beam (EB) curing is the most robust and eco-friendly curing option available. It features an instant cure and a higher level of abrasion and chemical resistance. This method is free of initiators, making it suitable for sensitive applications like food packaging.
  • LED Solutions: Light-emitting diode (LED) solutions use UV curing systems (UV-LED) to create custom coatings that meet a range of application needs. Unlike traditional UV curing systems, LED solutions consume less energy and have fewer maintenance requirements. As the premier manufacturer of eco-friendly coating and ink products, Polytex Environmental offers comprehensive solutions for an array of substrates and use cases.

To aid our customers in finding the right solution, we apply our logic- and science-based suite of analytical capabilities to each project and rely on past customer data to inform the decision-making process from beginning to end. Our analytical capabilities include:

  • GCMS: Ideal for migration testing of sensitive applications.
  • FTIR: A powerful quality-control tool used to analyze cure, identify substrates, and match composition.
  • DMA: Identifies the viscoelastic properties of resin chemistries.
  • Particle Size Analysis with DMA: Reports on particle size distribution.
  • 4K Digital Microscope: Provides high-quality imaging and analysis of outcomes.
  • UV-Vis with Integrating Sphere: Reports on light transmission and analyzes color.

Benefits of Creating a Customized Solution

Our solutions are custom formulated to meet customer application requirements. Some of the benefits of creating a customized solution with Polytex Environmental Inks include:

  • Improved safety: We employ techniques that minimize irritating components in our formulations, thereby improving safety for users during handling and application. 
  • Robust and reliable solutions: When formulating the products, our highly experienced team considers every aspect from production and  storage to transport and end-use. We explore all possible production techniques to formulate the most robust solution. 
  • Unmatched customer service: We maintain an open line of communication with each client, ensuring that we provide top-notch solutions. We engage with the client from the beginning to prepare for as many production variables as possible, enabling us to make adjustments to formulations throughout the process.

 Our state-of-the-art labs allow us to be transparent in all processes. Our advanced analytics engineering practices enable us to continuously make improvements to products. If a customer ever experiences a problem, we will use our labs to identify a solution—whether the issue stemmed from our products or not. At Polytex Environmental, we understand time is a valuable resource for your business. This is why we provide an analysis lead time ranging from only 1 to 5 days.

Industry Applications for Custom Solutions

Our lab can accommodate highly technical, challenging projects for energy-curable packaging converters, industrial manufacturers, and more. We formulate ink for use in all types of printing methods such as wash coating, rotary screen, flat screen, surface printing, flexography, and gravure.

Custom Coating Capabilities from Polytex Environmental Ink

Polytex Environmental is the leading provider of versatile and environmentally friendly custom coating solutions tailored to our customers’ needs. All products are carefully developed by our experts to consider all facets of use from production through to the end user.

Our range of custom solutions and analytical capabilities save our customers time and money by eliminating the need for trial runs. If a product doesn’t meet expectations, we examine each variable to pinpoint the cause and determine a solution.

Reach Out to Find Your Custom Solution Today

At Polytex Environmental, we provide custom coating solutions that set us apart from our competitors using our analytical capabilities, modern tools, cutting-edge technologies, and vast experience. Our 7,000-square-foot laboratory facility includes formulary, analytical, and application sections, allowing our team to provide customers with high-quality solutions. Contact us today to request a quote.