Energy curable solutions use high-energy electron beams or ultraviolet light to dry coatings, inks, adhesives, composites, and other curable materials. Energy curable technology changes the composition of the liquid by drying it quickly and effectively adhering it to a substrate. Energy curable solutions are more energy-efficient, sustainable, durable, and safer than traditional methods that use more energy and produce harmful emissions. 

Daybreak Technologies provides unmatched energy curable solutions that preserve products and are custom-made to meet your needs and fit your budget. As the leading manufacturer and distributor of eco-friendly, curable solutions we are committed to offering reliable and innovative printing solutions that solve issues typical of traditional ink types.

What Are Energy Curable Solutions?

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Energy curing processes expose a beam of high-energy electrons or high-intensity ultraviolet to a free radical-producing ink or solution. The release of the free radicals initiates polymerization, or the curing process. Using energy curable solutions reduces curing time to just one-tenth of a second compared to traditional curing methods that use heat to set the materials. This process is more environmentally friendly than conventional ink systems because it does not produce harmful emissions and it reduces odor output.

Applications for Energy Curable Solutions

Energy curable solutions are used to cure inks, coatings, and adhesives in various substrates, including glass, plastic, rubber, metal, wood, and more. The technology is often used for manufactured products that need quick processing. It is an ideal method for substrates that are sensitive to heat. EB/UV curing technologies are used daily in hundreds of products, including hardwood and vinyl flooring, paper and paperboard, automotive coatings, furniture, wood coatings, military and aerospace coatings, DVDs and bluerays, and consumer and food packaging. 

Choosing the right energy curable ink or solution in an important consideration, as well. Each ink type has its own advantages. Daybreak offers a range of energy curable inks, making it simple to find the right fit for your application. Our selection includes:

  • Varnishes: Resin-based inks suitable for woods, metals, and other materials. Available in several finishes and textures.
  • Adhesives: Suitable for packaging, labels, cartons, film, and more, we offer lamination and pressure-sensitive adhesives.
  • Printing Primers: Our primers help ink adhere to surfaces to enhance color and clarity. We provide primers for digital, UV, and laser printing inks.
  • Functional Coatings: Functional coatings enhance the physical characteristics of printed surfaces. Our selection includes shrink slip sleeves, white ink, and outdoor protection.

Industries that Use Energy Curable Solutions

Many industries are turning to energy curable solutions due to their rapid curing times, low heat emissions, cohesion with a range of materials, and reduced energy consumption. Some of the industries that use energy curable solutions include:

  • Printing and packaging
  • Transportation and industrial
  • Furniture and flooring
  • Electronics and special application
  • Aerospace industry
  • Military

Energy Curable Solutions from Daybreak Technologies

Daybreak provides a range of high-quality energy curable solutions designed to meet a variety of formulation requirements. Our solutions are include:

UV curing solutions: UV curing is designed to cure solutions immediately upon exposure, allowing for quick product turnarounds. Our custom UV solutions have the ability to enhance specific characteristics of your substrates to offer heightened protection for your products while guaranteeing less energy consumption and reduced costs.

EB curing solutions: Electron beam (EB) curing offers unmatched levels of abrasion and chemical resistance. It is free of initiators, making it best for sensitive applications such as food packaging. Our solutions have reduced amounts of irritating and foul-smelling components to minimize the risk of contaminating packaged goods. We combine extensive experience, top-notch technologies, and a skilled workforce to provide custom EB coatings and adhesives that meet the unique needs of your business.

LED curing solutions: Traditional UV curing equipment, such as mercury and doped bulbs, are not ideal for use with heat-sensitive substrates. UV systems also require regular maintenance and bulb replacement.  Light-emitting diode (LED) curing technology can be integrated into UV systems to resolve these issues and achieve a highly energy-efficient solution. Our LED systems create safer working environments for technicians by reducing the use of irritants in our solutions.  

The rising competition, volatile energy costs, stringent emissions regulations, and the need to embrace sustainable processes have forced many finishing professionals to opt for energy curable solutions over the traditional curing methods. Daybreak provides custom energy curable solutions that guarantee faster curing rates, lower energy consumption, environmental sustainability, and lower costs. Contact us today to learn more or request a quote.